YouTube Video Settings

I was uploading a video to YouTube and got a message that my video might have video/audio sync problems. At the link below it said, “MOV/MP4 files exported from programs such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and QuickTime Pro have certain elements that are not handled well by YouTube transcoding.”

I originally was going from a DVD to the hard drive and had Handbrake code the file into an MP4 file. That file was still fairly large so I opened it in QuickTime Pro and use the “Export for Web” option and chose the “Desktop” option. I ended up with a file which was .36 Gb. Large, but not gigantic.

I then followed the instructions on the page above. I ended up with a file that was 3.57 Gb – ten times the size of my smaller video. You might think that the video quality was ten times better, but to my eye it looks the same.

I also checked my video on YouTube and I did not appear to have any sync issues.  The lesson learned is try the smaller size option first and if that looks ok then you won’t have to try a higher quality setting.


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