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Godaddy – Websites and Web Hosting Options

I’m helping a friend setup a website for a charity and I was looking for an easy to use interface plus a reasonable price. Since my friend already has a Godaddy domain name I thought we might try and see … Continue reading

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Photoshop CS6 – Now a free download

Here’s the link the download the Beta Photoshop CS6. Note – it’s 1.7 GB -so it will take a while. had some free tutorials. There are also free tutorials at the site below. Here are some notes … Continue reading

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How to Get Better Signals from Charter Cable

Just in the last week I’ve had a problem with some of my TV signals. They were pixelated and had poor sound at times. After trying to fix it on the phone the Charter rep said, “We can someone over … Continue reading

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Pinterest – Notes and Musings

Since my wife likes to use Pinterest I thought I’d give it a try and see what the fuss is about. 1. First thing I noticed is that you have to have a Facebook or Twitter account to login. I … Continue reading

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Macro Photography

I’m experimenting with Macro photography and I’m using this post to collect ideas. Macro Focusing Rail – allows you to move the camera by small increments to get different DOF shots. 1. Ebay – $38.75 – 2 way 2. Dino … Continue reading

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Changing Out a Sky in a Photo

If you have Photoshop, here’s an easy way to take out a poor, overblown sky and swap in a nice sky background. Open up the photo with the bad sky. Select the sky with the Quick Selection Tool. Open up … Continue reading

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Secure Erase – Twice is Enough

A few times a year I need to erase a drive and the question has always been, “How many times do I need to over-write the data?” According to Steve Gibson on “Security Now”, twice is enough. Many times you’ll … Continue reading

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