How to Get Better Signals from Charter Cable

Just in the last week I’ve had a problem with some of my TV signals. They were pixelated and had poor sound at times. After trying to fix it on the phone the Charter rep said, “We can someone over this afternoon or tomorrow.” Since it was the weekend I set up an appointment for Monday morning. (That’s what I call good service!)

It turns out I may have had a couple of problems, squirrel chewing on the cable may have had something to do with it.

The service rep also took out all my old splitters that were running to my computer and my four TV’s and replaced them all with the amplifier box above. The main difference is that the signal is now amplified and not reduced. As you can see, it can output up to eight devices.

I do have a long run from the telephone pole, so this amplifier definitely helps me. I’m getting a great High-Def videos now. If you’re having new service or have a lot of devices on the one line ask about this option.


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