Godaddy – Websites and Web Hosting Options

I’m helping a friend setup a website for a charity and I was looking for an easy to use interface plus a reasonable price. Since my friend already has a Godaddy domain name I thought we might try and see what options they offer.

1. Regular web hosting – one year – $5.99/month. Email limited to 100mb – too small. You would either have to use Dreamweaver and upload you content or they do allow you to install a wordpress plugin.

2. WordPress web hosting – one year – $5.99/mo. WordPress is installed. You also get support which a newbie might need. The only thing I don’t like is a 100mb limit on email storage – that’s very small. I’d probably recommend a Gmail account.

He bought the option #1 without really knowing what to do. I decided to try and install the WordPress plugin.

I ended up call Godaddy help and I must say that I’m impressed. The times I’ve called them, they have been quick to answer the phones and got me the answer I needed. The process I had to go through was a bit convoluted since my original owner had made some uniformed choices, but the rep walked me through the process of setting up wordpress.

I also got “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress” and picked up a few tips. The main thing I learned was that the .org version allows you to edit your CSS file, and will allow you to sell things or in this case collect money for a charity. The .com version does not allow a commercial business at this time. The .com version also has many built in features that .org does not.

Appearance – Editor – allows you to edit your CSS file.
Make sure you copy and paste this file into a backup first.


Plugins – you can find more plugins at:

Plugins – subscribe-to-comments
Allows visitors to subscribe to your blog.

Plugins – Akismet – (spam filter) this is a two part process.  You need to first activate it and then configure it by giving it an email address, waiting for a confirmation email with an API key and then enter that key in the config page. (Note if you have a account, you can copy and paste your API key from that account into your .org account.)

SP-DB-Backup plugin
Automates the process of backing up your files.

Addthis – add an icon in your blog post so visitors can share your posting.



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