Google Storage Limits

Here are the storage limits for each of the Google Products.

Gmail – 7 GB

Docs – 1 GB for your uploaded files (documents created in Google Docs and converted files don’t count towards your storage but do have some size limitations).

PicasaWeb – 1 GB for photos and videos. Files under certain sizes don’t count towards this limit. (This gets complicated .)

Google+ – unlimited storage for photos, which are automatically resized to 2048 x 2048 pixels. Videos up to 15 minutes in length are also free.

Free storage space is specific to each product and can’t be shared.

You can buy extra storage which is shared:

  • 20 GB – $5/yr
  • 80 GB – $20/yr
  • 200 GB – $50/yr etc.

Here’s the problem that I see with sharing photos via Google+.
You can only do this with people who are signed up with Google+.
Any of your other non-google+ friends are just out of luck if they want to see your photos.

The other problems I’ve noticed is that when I get an invitation to VIEW ALBUM from a friend it doesn’t send it from their email address, but from a “NoReply” email address. You can’t reply to them directly.


This information was found at this link.



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