Sky Drive – Home Contents Backup

I recently saw a video about Joplin’s tornado and it said that people were being offered 50% of their contents insurance unless they could provide a written list of everything in the house. I have about $250,000 contents insurance. That means I could potentially take a $125,000 loss.

I decided to take a picture of my house and everything in it. I wasn’t that meticulous, but did open up all the doors and closets etc.

After about 1.5 hours and 477 pictures, I was done. I then downloaded the pictures to my computer – 2.7 gb.

I was taking high resolution (6000 x 4000 jpg – 350 dpi) pictures so that I could zoom in and identify all of my contents later.

The question then became – where can I put these pictures so that later I could retrieve them in the case of a calamity – my answer was SkyDrive. As a previous user, SkyDrive recently gave me 25gb for free as I upgraded my account.

While I could have used Google Drive, they only offer me 5 gb of space and they resize the pictures to 2048×2048. I needed original quality size pictures.

In SkyDrive, make sure you uncheck the box which says Resize photos to 2048 pix.

I made a folder in SkyDrive and then added all my 477 pictures to the folder. It naturally took a while, but I feel better now knowing that my pictures are relatively safe in the cloud.

Comment – I was just on vacation and visited a one room school house where the teacher lived upstairs. I took pictures of ALL her possessions – only two pictures needed.

Note – SkyDrive has a 300 MB limit for file size, if you don’t install the app.

If you install the app, you can upload file to 2GB in size.







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