Windows 8 Tips

I’m putting together a file where I can keep all my tips.

  • Close an App – Alt- F4.
  • Remove an App – right click on the app and choose uninstall.
  • Top left hand corner – look up there to see apps running in the background. Right click to close these.
  • Top Right Hand Corner – Mouse – brings up the Charms bar.
  • Photo Gallery and Movie Maker – you can still download these to manage your photos and movies. Choose the custom installation to only choose these two programs.

Paul Thurott – Win Supersite.

– Change File Associations

– Create Recovery Media

– Recovery and Restore Options

Backup Strategy

Backup – Windows 7 REcovery

– Dual Boot

Lifehacker Instructions 

David Pogue Cheat Sheet


DESKTOP – Go to the desktop when logging in.

  • There is a Desktop icon right on the main screen. Just click on it.You can move it anywhere you like.
  • Touch screen: Swipe your finger into the screen from the right border.
  • Mouse: Point to the lower-left corner of the screen; when the Start screen icon appears, click.
  • Keyboard: Press the Windows key.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows (W) Key = brings up metro start screen – also if you start typing it will start a search.

W+C =  Charms
W+D = Desktop
W+E = Windows Explorer
W+F = Search Files
W+I = Settings
W+K = Devices
W+Q = Search the current app or Search Apps
W+W: Search Settings (and control panels)
W+X = Main Controls – lots of features.
W+Z = Use for each APP to open its settings.

W+. = Snaps an app to the right. Again it snaps to left – Again and it’s back to Normal.
W+Tab = Move between open apps.
W+PrtScr = Saves a picture to Pictures folder.

W+ Arrow Key = move
Ctrl+Shft+N = New Folder

Alt+F4 = Close an App – you can also drag the app to the bottom of the screen.

Here’s a link with a complete list:


Changing the Login at Startup

One thing I don’t like when I startup the computer is that it forces me to login into Windows Live with my 16 digit account password. There’s a way around this.  In Search – type in Control Panel and click on that button. then go to User Accounts and change your account to Local Login. You will have to change your password to your usual, but it’s easy to do.


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