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Java – Disabling Today and in the Future

Today, August 27, 2012, there have been a number of articles about a vulnerability with Java. Most of the sites recommend disabling Java. Here’s and article on how to do just that. Note from J. below: Javascript is not … Continue reading

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Adobe Premiere Pro

I use Premiere Pro as my professional video editor. I’m going to use this forum as a place to keep notes which might be useful in the future. Audio – after you edit your audio, listen to it one more … Continue reading

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Audacity – Free Audio Editor

Audacity 2.01 is the latest free version of an audio editor. I’m using this page to keep notes for future reference. Selection – click and drag with mouse or Click on screen to mark your place – let the … Continue reading

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Facebook Videos Not Playing?

My wife’s computer had a weird problem in Chrome. Videos in Facebook would not play. I could watch them in Internet Explorer and could watch YouTube fine, but Facebook only gave me a black box. I finally found a solution … Continue reading

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LastPass – Secure Notes

While I use LastPass as a way to keep track of all my passwords, it has another feature which might be very helpful. Secure Notes allows you to keep all sorts of sensitive information encrypted and available to you anywhere. … Continue reading

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Encryption Software

One of the axioms in security these days is PIE – Pre Internet Encryption. (Thanks to Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte for this term. What this means is that any file you put into the Cloud these days is really … Continue reading

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Backup Your Drivers Before Reinstallation

If you ever want to format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system or possibly update it to a new version, it’s preferable to have all your hardware drivers together in one place. Ideally you will have a Drivers … Continue reading

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