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One of the axioms in security these days is PIE – Pre Internet Encryption. (Thanks to Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte for this term.

What this means is that any file you put into the Cloud these days is really not secure unless you encrypt it BEFORE you put it into the Cloud.

While I don’t particularly care about securing 99.9% of my files, there are a few files that I don’t want falling into the hands of the bad-guys. Tax information, passwords, credit card information etc. all need to be safe.

If you do encrypt a file or files and want to make it available to another online person, one suggestion is to:

  • Zip them up
  • Encrypt the zipped file using one of the options below
  • Put them on Dropbox
  • Call your person and give them the password
  • They can then download the file and reverse the process.


One way you can do that is to encrypt the file with Axcrypt.

It’s an easy download – just watch out for the 3rd party toolbar they try to load on by default. Just choose the custom option and un-check any extras.

It then integrates with Windows Explorer. After you have created your file, to secure it you right click on the file name in Explorer and choose Axcrypt. I usually just choose the Encrypt function.

Then choose a strong password and finish the process. It will now have an axx extension added to the end of the file.

Now your file is secure and can be loaded to the Cloud if you want.
Steganos Locknote is similar, but it only works for text files. It seems that this program has been withdrawn by the company in favor of a paid model. They do have it available for download, but do not support it.


PKZip also offers file encryption that Steve Gibson says is good. He also like axcrypt.


https://www.aescrypt.com/ is now the favorite free program of Steve Gibson. It has 256 bit encryption versus the 128 of Axcrypt.

If you have Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 10, you can run Bitlocker.



Another way to zip and then add encryption.



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