Audacity – Free Audio Editor

Audacity 2.01 is the latest free version of an audio editor.

I’m using this page to keep notes for future reference.

Selection – click and drag with mouse or
Click on screen to mark your place – let the audio play and then Shift Click to select the end of your selection.


Keyboard Shortcuts

You can change your keyboard preferences to anything you want. They seem to stick when you close the program.

I changed my to:

  • Delete Selction – Delete key or Ctrl D
  • Go to Beginning of audio – Home button
  • Label – Ctrl B – you can also move the label by clicking and dragging. I use a {Temp}  to save my last working spot. This process creates a Label Track. You can remove a label by selecting that area on the Label Track.
  • Move screen over one full page – PgDn or PgUp
  • Pause – P button. I use this to stop the editing at a specific point. It shows the line where I have stopped. I then click on that spot and hit the Space bar.
  • Preferences – Ctrl P
  • Repeat – Ctrl R – Use to repeat and Effect – note I changed this to the letter Z so I only have to touch one key to get my results.
  • SiLence Audio – Ctrl L
  • Zoom In – Shift Z
  • Zoom Out – Shift X
  • Zoom to Selection – Ctrl E

Keyboard Preferences

Background Noise Removal

  • I like to start out by changing the display of the audio. On the audio track near the top left is a DOWN ARROW KEY – click on that and choose DB WAVEFORM.
  • Select an area of just background noise



  • Amplify – I use this to reduce noise in a section. I reduce the db by 30. You can repeat it if it’s not enough.



  • Silence – you can easily add empty space to a clip.

Problems – Solutions
Sometimes I can’t Delete a section or do much of anything. Most of the Menus are greyed out. The solution is to click on the Stop button or Space bar. I know the file is not playing, but Audacity thinks it is. Seems like a bug to me.


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One Response to Audacity – Free Audio Editor

  1. I’ve been using Audacity for a couple of years and it’s more powerful than most people think. Check out what sort of thing you can do with it here:

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