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Adobe Online Books – FREE

If you’re a big user of Adobe products, you know how expensive the software is and I’m sure you’d like to save some $$$ on the books which explain these programs. Here’s a link which has all the programs. reading

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New Router Setup

Sooner or later your router will die and you’ll have to try and remember how to set it up. Here are the steps I followed. After you take it out of the box, I noticed a big sign that said, … Continue reading

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Which is Cheaper – Amazon or Walmart?

While I normally just buy stuff on Amazon without thinking, today I decided to do some cost comparison on a pill I take every day – Glucosamine Sulfate. On Amazon, the cost is $22.77. On Walmart the cost is $12.84. … Continue reading

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Tech Gear

I’m going to use this page to accumulate tech gear suggestions from various people. I have some of this gear and some I don’t have and may not ever have. As I have time and interest I will post more … Continue reading

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Google Search Tips

I found a nice site which will help you with your Google searches. It has a number of videos to help you with your searches. Here’s one below:  

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