New Router Setup

Sooner or later your router will die and you’ll have to try and remember how to set it up. Here are the steps I followed.

After you take it out of the box, I noticed a big sign that said, “run the CD first! This is an automated setup process which requires you to be connected to the internet via your cable modem. This didn’t seem too secure to me and I wanted to be in control of the process, so I ignored that step.

Your first thing to do is hook up the new router just like your old router. One in and four out.

Look in your “Quick Install Guide” for the DEFAULT sign-in. The DIR-655 has a default of The Admin password you leave blank and then click on the Login button.

TIP – if you ever have problems with the setup you can always push the RESET button in the back with a paperclip or small screwdriver to bring the router back to these default settings.

Check Your Firmware First – Since router software (firmware) can be updated you’ll want to check this and see if you have anything new that needs to be installed.  In my case I was ok with what I had installed.

Wireless Setup – you want to setup a secured wireless setup with WPA2, AES encryption and a good password. I like to give my network a name so that it’s a bit easier to find when I’m scanning for it.

Save Setup – at this point and actually after every step I take, I like to backup my router setup so that if I have a problem down the road, I don’t have to go through the same process, I just have to upload the file. I rename each saved file consecutively and with a description – like config-02-wpa2-setup.bin

Change Admin Password – Since the Admin account doesn’t have a password, you need to set one up. I had trouble doing this about three times, but finally it worked. I’m not sure what the trouble was, but I had to Reset the router numerous times.

Turn off UPnP – Universal Plug and Play

Turn Off WPS – there’s a security risk here that is still not patched.

Guest Zone/Network – One of the reasons I bought this particular router is that it has the capability for you to setup a 2nd wireless system for your guests/friends etc.This way if they have a virus laden laptop, it hopefully won’t get on your system.

Turn Off WAN – Wide Area Network.
You don’t want people to have access to your router over the internet.

Choose either Channel 1, 6 or 11.

Test for this Open Port

Some routers have this port open by mistake.


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