Kindle Paperwhite – Review and Notes

We just got our new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and thought we’d share our impressions and notes.

After plugging it in and turning it on, it has a nice walk-through which shows and explains many of the options – it’s very user friendly.

Browser/Email – They call it an Experimental Browser, but it does seem functional although obviously a bit small.

Charging – it has a yellow light on the bottom while it charges and turns green when it is fully charged.

How long does it last? The claim is 8 weeks, but that’s an exaggeration – that’s only 30 minutes a day at a light setting of ten – which is very dim.

Light Settings – Settings go from zer0 to twenty-four. What doesn’t make any sense is that it says on the screen, “Use a low setting for dark rooms.” You will actually need to have a higher setting. When you take it outside you can actually set the light to Zero. It’s only when you come inside that you need to increase the light.

Long Fingernails? My wife was stabbing the Kindle with her fingernails. I got her to user her finger – I’m not sure if it makes a difference.

Foreign User Guides – I get rid of all the foreign user guides under the Manage Your Kindle.

Dictionaries – There are also a number of foreign dictionaries that we don’t need.

USB – when you plug it into a computer to charge, but you still want to use the Kindle you need to “right-click” and Eject.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Support Pagelink

Lending Kindle Books link

Lending Library for Amazon Prime Members link
Click on the Store icon and then click the All Categories. Near the bottom is the Lending Library.

Mange Your Kindle – go to Amazon and login and click on Your Account – then Manage Your Kindle. This shows you all the books you have available to you and the Actions you can take for each.
Our local St. Louis County Library allows you to download Kindle versions of books to your computer or your Paperwhite directly via your wireless connection. It’s easiest to tell Amazon to download directly to your Kindle. Some books must be downloaded to your computer and then moved to the Kindle via a USB cable.

Go to this site to look for e-books.

One thing I immediately noticed is that the library only has a limited number of e-books. So if you want a book, you’ll have to get on the list and wait until it is available.

Also books will disappear after the lending period is over. If you don’t get through the book. you will have to re-order it. There are no renewals.

It would also be polite to Return the Book to the library when you are done so that someone else can read it. You do that via Amazon – Your Account and Manage Your Kindle.

Our library allows you checkout book for up to 21 days.

You then click on the “Get for Kindle” button.

It’s interesting that it then takes you to Amazon to download the book from them. Save it to a folder which you will remember like – “Kindle Books.” You may also want to put the date so that you will know when the book needs to be returned.
To move the book to your Kindle, plug the Kindle in via USB and drop and drag the file to the Kindle’s Documents folder. (Video)


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