Downloading Windows 8

As I’ve bought a couple of new Windows 7 computers in the last few months, I decided to take advantage of the $14.99 upgrade to Windows 8. Here’s the process.

You first go to the Windows Upgrade page

After you follow the prompts, you will get an email with an promo code. You use this code to bring down the price from $39.99 to $14.99

Also make sure you run the Upgrade Assistant to check what problems you will have.

At this point I read Paul Thurotts article on his clean install and followed his advice. Please take the time to read his excellent article. What’s great about this is that you download Windows 8 once and then just need to buy new Codes from Microsoft for each new installation.

I chose the Clean Install Option, and I downloaded Windows 8 over my laptops wireless. It took 30 minutes to download and get the files ready.

At this point, I chose the Install by Creating Media option and then the  chose the ISO file option so I could later burn a DVD to boot from.

For me, this option seems the best as I could then do a clean install in any of my computers.

Note – since I bought two upgrades, I created both a USB flash drive and an ISO file. Unfortunately you can’t do both at the same time.


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