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Turn Off Google-Gmail Automatic Login

One of the things I’ve noticed is that Google and Gmail will automatically log me in when I open up Chrome. While this is a convenience 99.9% of the time, I can definitely see it as a security risk if … Continue reading

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SpinRite Hard Drive Recovery

If you ever have a hard drive start to act crazy or even die and you want to save the data on it, SpinRite is a good option to try. Here are a few notes on this program. If you … Continue reading

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Encrypting Your Hard Drive

After watching my 379th Security Now Podcast, I finally thought I would test out encrypting my laptop hard drive. My brother had his laptop stolen at an airport and it caused him a lot of time, energy and money to … Continue reading

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Putting Clonezilla Backup on a USB Thumb Drive

One of the few Free options for backing up an entire drive to an image is While you can easily download an ISO file and burn it to a CD, sometimes you don’t have a CD slot and the … Continue reading

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Table Generator for WordPress

One of the obvious things lacking in WordPress is the capability to easily generate a table. Here is the code to add a basic table into your blog. Paste this into the TEXT view and it will look like the … Continue reading

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Snipping versus Clip Boarding

In Windows 7 there’s and easier way to use your Print Screen function – it’s called the Snip Tool. Just type in snip in the Search bar after hitting the Start button. ┬áThe Snip Tool will show up at the … Continue reading

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Bring the Classic Start Menu to Windows 8

If you’d like to bring back the “old” Windows ┬áStart menu back to Windows 8, here’s how to do it. Go to Download and Install – note you will have also have options to install Classic Explorer and Classic … Continue reading

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