LastPass – One Place for All Your Passwords

I use LastPass as a place to keep my secure passwords. All you have to do is remember one password and then LastPass remembers the rest. It’s a free browser add-on which works about 99% of the time. If LastPass doesn’t seem to see the site, type in your user name and password, but don’t hit Login. Click your LastPass browser icon, then choose “Save All Entered Data.” Hopefully that will help LastPass see the site the next time you go there.

Another nice feature is Secure Notes which allows you to keep other information that you want to keep in a secure manner. I have noticed that there is a size limitation, 45,000 characters, so you may have to break up your information into sections.

There are a couple of potential problems.

One thing I’ve noticed is that LastPass will keep you logged in and will log you in automatically for an extended period of time. While you might think this is good, when you don’t have to enter your Master Password at least once a day, there’s a tendency to forget it. When I setup other people’s computer I make sure that under Preferences – General that LastPass is setup to Logoff periodically just to force them to Login and then not forget their password. Yes – this has happened with a friend.

One thing I discovered is that while the folks at LastPass don’t have your Master Password, they do have a way to recover yours. The leave a one-time password recovery on your local computer. While this is nice possibly for a desktop, for a laptop that might be stolen, it means that the bad guys have a way to get into your LastPass account even if they don’t know your password. There’s a setting under the Advanced Settings that you can toggle off. That’s what I suggest for most people.


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