Rules for Friends Who Are Not Computer Experts

  • Use Lastpass as a way to manage your passwords. You only have to remember one really good password and Lastpass does the rest. Use Lastpass to generate new 16 character miscellaneous passwords.
  • Use Secure Notes in Lastpass as a way to keep sensitive data.
  • Backup your data locally and in the cloud. Crashplan seems to work fairly well and inexpensively. I use SyncToy to backup data locally and Acronis True Image to do a image of the hard drive. Windows 7 backup seems a bit flaky at times.
  • Don’t put your password on a note on the computer.
  • Don’t put your credit card information on a sticky note on the computer.
  • Don’t take your computer to Starbucks or anywhere else and use their network. Never use a hotel wireless network.
  • Only Login to Yahoo from Some sites want you to use Yahoo to login to their site. That’s an easy way for bad guys to steal your login credentials. This applies to Facebook etc.
  • Don’t login to your Yahoo email from work. It can’t be trusted. If it’s infected it will steal your password.
  • Cover up your webcam with a sticky note. Here’s a good article from
  • If you use Yahoo email – change the setting to HTTPS – you have to do this manually.
  • Don’t do online banking. If the bad guys get your account information you could get your bank account wiped out. Banks do have to reimburse you for those type of losses, but it will be a while and a pain.
  • Router – use WPA2 – setup a user name and password to login to the router. Turn off UPnP.
  • Install Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Leave your computer ON Sunday night.This is when the computer is scanned for viruses – Microsoft Security Essentials. 
  • Don’t click on email links.
  • Use Google Chrome for the internet – it’s a bit safer. Also, Gmail is a bit safer than Yahoo email. Chrome will also update Flash automatically.
  • Don’t use Adobe Reader – try Sumatra PDF.
  • Have a different password for every site you login to.
  • Uninstall Java
  • Make sure Windows Update is set to Automatic. Many updates are done at night so make sure you leave your computer on Sunday night.
  • If you get a popup to update something, rather than clicking on the popup, go to the site and download the update.

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