Partition Your Hard Drive

In Windows 7 it’s fairly easily to divide your hard drive into two sections. I usually try and do this with new computer. the Operating System goes in one area and the Data goes in another. This way when you image the OS it takes up much less space.

Paul Thurrott has a great explanation of the process here.

Here’s a summary.

– From the Search bar, bottom left, type in Disk Management. Choose that option and from the options it give you

– Choose Shrink Volume

– You can change the sizes to whatever suits you depending on the size of your hard drive. Then click on the Shrink button.

Right click on the newly created and unallocated area.

New Simple Volume

– Follow the prompts from the wizard. Choose a drive letter.

– Choose Format – NTFS – Default

Volume Label – Type in the name of this new drive. I like to use Data.

– Choose Quick Format the Next.

That’s it – Now you’ve got a new area on your hard drive just for you data.


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