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Email Hacked? Sherlock is on the Job.

It seems that at least weekly a friend or acquaintance of mine will have their email hacked. I appreciate that Gmail will sometimes, but not always, give me a big red warning notice. Yahoo email does not do this and … Continue reading

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Alternative to iTunes – CopyTrans Manager

I’m testing the Android world with my Nexus 7, but still have an iTouch and so I was looking for an easy way to move my videos and pictures to the iTouch without having to install iTunes on all my … Continue reading

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Installing Windows 8 Upgrade on a New Hard Drive

The $40 Windows 8 upgrade is a great deal, but you may run into problems if you don’t have the standard upgrade model. I.E. Windows 7 to Windows 8. I had a hard drive fail and so my Windows 7 … Continue reading

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Install Windows 8 on a Windows XP Computer

Having a older, but trustworthy Windows XP desktop, I wondered if I could add on Windows 8 to it and update it. I didn’t want to get rid of my Windows XP, I just wanted to install Windows 8 in … Continue reading

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Xmarks – How to Fix It

Xmarks theoretically is a great way to have all your bookmarks available to you on any computer. In practice however it frequently, daily lately, acts up and duplicates bookmarks  so that my list keeps growing. Here’s how to fix that problem – … Continue reading

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Nexus 7 – Adding Storage

If you’d like to add some extra storage to your Nexus 7, one way to do that is via your micro-USB outlet. First buy a “USB 2.0 Female to Micro USB Male” cable. I bought mine on Amazon. They may … Continue reading

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Nexus 7 Extras

Having had the Nexus 7 for a while I’m gradually adding on different hardware peripherals to the device. Here’s my list and impressions. External Backup Battery – Anker® Astro3E 10000mAh Dual 5V 3A USB Output External Battery Pack Charger – … Continue reading

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