Dropbox Setup and Use

dropboxI had a family member recently sent me a link to see some pictures on Dropbox. The bad thing was that they require you to join Dropbox to see the pictures. I decided to go ahead and do that and see what was involved.

After setting up a name and password, you have to download an EXE file and install it on your computer. Once you’ve gone through the setup, they give you 2 GB of space and create a Dropbox folder in My Documents. Anything you put into that folder is now sent to the cloud.

What I have seen done is that another friend created an account just to share pictures and he then sent the email address and password out so that friends could login and see the pictures without themselves having to join Dropbox – very thoughtful. The problem is that you can generally setup two Dropbox accounts on the same computer – but here’s a couple work-arounds.

1. Create a second user account on your computer and use that for your second Dropbox account. It does seem to work. Now whenever you want to easily share photos you can just switch over to that second account and give your friends the email address and password for that account.

2. Another easier way around this seems to be – create the second Dropbox account – login and don’t do the traditional setup.exe. Dropbox does has an Upload feature. I noticed that it wouldn’t work inititally, so I had to allow Java on the site and then it was fine.


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