Nexus 7 – Adding Storage

nexus-storageIf you’d like to add some extra storage to your Nexus 7, one way to do that is via your micro-USB outlet.

usb-microFirst buy a “USB 2.0 Female to Micro USB Male” cable. I bought mine on Amazon. They may be coming from China so it could take a couple of weeks.






Secondly buy and install the “Nexus Media Importer” app at the Play store. Cost – $2.99

3rd – connect a thumb drive with pictures or video or really any file to the cable and plug it into your Nexus 7. Nexus Media Importer will open up, ask you a series of questions and you’re ready to go. You can play many of the files right from the program or select a file/files and save them to your Nexus 7 for playback later.

You can even connect your one terrabyte drive if you give it enough power via a powered usb hub.

Here’s a video of the process.


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One Response to Nexus 7 – Adding Storage

  1. Jez@NXTab says:

    I would recommend anyone buying an OTG cable do a little research into cables, try and look at the reviews on Amazon as some of them fit much better in the N7 than others. Mine is a terrible fit and feels really rather loose. On the other hand, it was cheap!

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