Xmarks – How to Fix It

Xmarks theoretically is a great way to have all your bookmarks available to you on any computer. In practice however it frequently, daily lately, acts up and duplicates bookmarks  so that my list keeps growing. Here’s how to fix that problem – at least temporarily.

 xmarks-01 From your Xmarks icon choose “My Xmarks” and login.
 xmarks-02 Under the “Tools Menu” choose “Explore & Restore Old Bookmarks.”
 xmarks-03 As you look at the list of old bookmarks, your Current List you know is messed up so look at the list just prior to that one and select it.
 xmarks-04  Choose the View option and look at the list to make sure it is correct. If not go down the list and look at the prior bookmark list.
 xmarks-05  When you find a list which you know is okay the choose the Restore.
 xmarks-06  After you restore you will then get this message.
 xmarks-07  Rather than wait, what I prefer to do is go back to the Xmarks  icon – choose Xmarks Settings – Advanced – Download Bookmarks.
Finally your bookmarks will be restored and back to the correct list. I like to make a note of which Xmarks set is good so I know I can always go back to it when I have future problems.



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