Alternative to iTunes – CopyTrans Manager

I’m testing the Android world with my Nexus 7, but still have an iTouch and so I was looking for an easy way to move my videos and pictures to the iTouch without having to install iTunes on all my computers.

Unfortunately you can’t just plug your iTouch into the computer and see all the files and folders – it’s locked down in the Apple world. Here’s a solution I’m trying out – CopyTrans  Manager. It is compatible with Windows 7, but not Windows 8.

Follow the download and installation process and choose the CopyTransManager as the installation. It’s Free and doesn’t seem to be disabled in any way that I can see initially.


When I first connected my iTouch, CTM could not detect the device. I clicked on the Device not detected link. You then are directed to install the Copy Trans Drivers Installer. After downloading, extracting and installing the program, you come to the box below.


You are pretty much have to choose the Automatic install which goes and downloads iTunes. What? It has to download iTunes to get the drivers, but iTunes is never installed.


Now when I turn on my iTouch, put in the password and then plug it into the computer with CTM running I get a picture of exactly what is on my iTouch. I can now drag and drop items from Windows Explorer into the interface, click Update and my iTouch is now back under my control without a need for direct control by iTunes. I’m assuming this will work with other ipods and even iPhones.

Conclusion – this process takes a while and in reality it would be easier to just download iTunes, but if you’re determined to stay away, CopyTrans Manager does work well.
Thanks to MH from Revision3 for this tip.


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