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Adobe Audition CS6 Notes

Here are notes to myself about using Adobe Audition CS6, Audio Volume To amplify a speech from Premiere. Right click on the audio portion of the video and choose – Edit in Audition. Do a test area first – select … Continue reading

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Tivo Desktop Transfer Failed?

I like to transfer my Tivo videos to my computer for watching, but lately I’ve had no success with the transfer. After doing a little investigation I found out why. Tivo has a software bug that doesn’t allow any transfers … Continue reading

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Video Games for Seniors?

While the average age of gamers today is 32, there’s a good argument to be made that Seniors might be the gamers of the future. Daphne Bavelier says that action packed shooter games have some positive effects on your body … Continue reading

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Finding Adobe Updates

Since I’m a big user of Adobe products, I thought I’d share a site which has ALL the updates on one page. Just select the particular program you want to update and it will show you all the updates. … Continue reading

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Online Prices at Big Box Stores

I just read a story that indicates that Best Buy and Target will match many of the online prices in their stores. Best Buy’s price matching will start March 3, 2013. Note – April 1st – I just saved 57% … Continue reading

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Ninite – Install Many Programs at Once? is a site which has access to many free programs that you just put a check-mark in the box and Ninite installs them all. I tried this on my “test”computer and three of four programs were installed automatically.  For some reason … Continue reading

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Windows 8 – Startup Programs

In previous versions of Windows, if you wanted to know which programs started up by default, you would use the old Msconfig program. Now it’s even simpler. Ctrl-Alt-Delete – then click on Task Manager and if you click on More … Continue reading

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