Windows 8 – My Review

I am using Windows 8 on an older desktop computer and thought I’d give my impressions.

  • Metro Interface – I don’t need it and have gotten rid of most of the apps. To me, most of the apps are poor substitutes for full-fledged programs. I’m sure this is ok on a smaller tablet, but I’m using this on a large desktop.
  • Start Screen – I use Classic Shell to bring back the traditional Start Menu. I wish there was a way to choose this option in regular Windows 8.
  • Programs – most of my old programs seem to work under Windows 8. I just installed TextBridge Pro 9.0 – a fairly old OCR program and it works fine. Other programs that I have installed are Nero 8;
  • Data – I set up my Libraries to see all my old data I had in a separate drive.
  • DVD Drives – for some reason, Windows 8 can only see one of my two DVD drives. Unfortunately now I can’t burn a disk! It seems that quite a few other people have this problem – 1Solution : opened up the computer and removed the eSata cord and reconnected the DVD to a different eSata port. Now it’s working.
  • Scanner – seemed to have found my scanner and I’m able to use it without doing anything.
  • Security – you don’t have to download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. Windows Defender is part of Windows 8 and runs by itself.
  • Startup – you can find your Startup programs with Ctrl-Alt-Del – which start Task Manager – click on More details and then you will see the Startup tab which shows which programs begin on bootup. They do have a Disable button.This is a nice feature.

Summary – Except for the problem of Windows 8 not seeing one of my DVD drives, I’m mainly satisfied using Windows 8 on a daily basis. It’s certainly nothing special and there’s no reason I can see to upgrade from Windows 7.


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