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Windows 8 – My Review

I am using Windows 8 on an older desktop computer and thought I’d give my impressions. Metro Interface – I don’t need it and have gotten rid of most of the apps. To me, most of the apps are poor … Continue reading

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Google Drive – Offline

Since I’m using Google Drive for most of my documents, it’s disconcerting when I don’t have internet access and thus no access to my Google Docs. One partial solution is to put Google Drive onto your computer and enable Offline … Continue reading

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Why is My Computer Running So Slow?

One friend has a continuing problem of her computer running very slow although it’s a relatively powerful laptop. Here’s what I found and what might help you. Leave your computer on Sunday Night – I recommend this to run the Microsoft … Continue reading

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Windows Updates- When Updates Don’t Update

A friend’s computer had the unusual problem of trying to do 16 windows updates, but never succeeding. I would always get the message that it had to Revert the Changes. One of the suggested solutions was to click a Microsoft Fixit button. Microsoft Fixit found … Continue reading

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