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Spam Text Messages – What To Do

Since I have to pay twenty cents for each text message I receive, I am not very fond of spam text messages. Leo LaPorte on Security Now says that he just deletes the messages and that one should never respond, … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Laptop from Going to Sleep

I was at a recent presentation where just after the speaker was introduced, his laptop went into “sleep” mode. It took the presenter a couple of minutes to get the laptop going again and it certainly interrupted the beginning of … Continue reading

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Handbrake – How to Easily Convert Multiple Files

Here’s a trick to convert multiple video files with Handbrake. Note – with Version 10 of Handbrake. the screens looks slightly different, but the process is still the same. First off, create a folder to only hold the videos you … Continue reading

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1982 Internet and the Need for a Plan B

Interesting video on what the internet was in 1982 and the need for a Plan B when it comes crashing down.

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Online Banking Liability

I’m not going to try and redo everything that others have written about this topic, but here are the basics. This is covered by Regulation E. – see also FDIC Even if you notify the bank within two days – … Continue reading

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Mailinator for Temporary Email

If you have a site which demands that you give them an email address and then respond to an email sent to that address, then Mailinator might be perfect for you. Mailinator allows you to make up any email address … Continue reading

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How to Password Protect a Website Directory

Note – I’m mainly doing this for my own purposes, but if you have your own website, something similar is probably available. Here’s the video tutorial: – Login – Manage – My site uses CP10 – so I follow … Continue reading

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