Crash Plan – Backup to the Cloud

I’m testing out Crash Plan for a friend who doesn’t do any regular backups. What’s nice is that once CP is installed it works in the background to backup all her files. She just lost a lot of work, so this should save her in the future.

Carbonite, another competitor, doesn’t backup video files by default. You have to buy a special package to get that feature – $149/year. You can do a manual backup of video files, but that’s why you bought this automatic backup for. I also found Carbonite a bit confusing when I initially set it up for a friend.

Most plans are a bit expensive, usually around $59/year, but Crash Plan does offer a 10 GB plan for $32/year – probably good enough for many people.


CP also currently has a offer which is hard to beat if you are a current Carbonite user. They will give you a year for free. 

CP also gives you a full month free to try it out. You don’t need a credit card and the process is about as easy as anyone can make it.

Here’s a video below about how to setup an account.

I also found a nice review of Crash Plan on Life Hacker.

You may be asking if I use Crash Plan and the answer is NO, but then I do regular backups and do most of my computing in the cloud with Google Drive. or online in blogs like this.

I do however heartily recommend Crash Plan for most computer users.


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