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HotSpotVPN – Better and Cheaper

HSS Customer Service – I have found that as an Elite customer, I get excellent support. Usually within 24 hours I get a response. October 2014 – I found that on my travel laptop that I couldn’t connect to the … Continue reading

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Security Away from Home – ProXPN

Summary – can’t get it to work on a Nexus 7! Their support says, “It is likely that there’s a problem with either your ISP or the configuration of your local access point. Please check your local wireless router to … Continue reading

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Google Voice – Trouble and Partial Solution

I’ve lately noticed trouble making international phone calls using Google Voice. My normal procedure is this. Open Contacts under the Google Voice page. This opens up a different tab. Search for the person I want to call. Select them. On … Continue reading

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Kids and Credit Card Charges on the Internet.

How-to Geek has a great article on how to close down the possible credit card charges which may occur when your child uses a device with internet access. Here’s the link. How to Prevent Your Kids From Spending Thousands of … Continue reading

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Phone Use in the United Kingdom

We are planning a trip into the United Kingdom and I wanted to avoid the¬†exorbitant¬†phone fees that one can incur if you use your normal cell phone. (Note – I have a friend in France and he was charged $50 … Continue reading

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Jungle Disk – Online Backup used by Steve

One of my security mentors mentioned that he used Jungle Disk for online backup. There are a number of pluses for this service. You can use as many computers as you want. Many plans charge you per computer. It only … Continue reading

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Start a YouTube Video at a Specific Time in WordPress

One of the problems I’ve found with YouTube is that the URL they give you for a specific time in your video doesn’t work in WordPress. There is a solution however. You have to convert your time from minutes until … Continue reading

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