Security Away from Home – ProXPN

Summary – can’t get it to work on a Nexus 7! Their support says, “It is likely that there’s a problem with either your ISP or the configuration of your local access point. Please check your local wireless router to ensure that port 1723 TCP and the GRE protocol 47 are open – PPTP VPN must have these open on the local end in order for it to work properly.” I haven’t tried to fix this on my router because I bascially wanted this for when I travel. I certainly can’t ask Starbucks or any other public wifi to let me have access to their router. Also note from Steve Gibson and Security Now – he says that the PPTP protocol they use is crackable. It’s better than no security at all, but it is possible to crack in a day or two. I also noticed that HotspotVPN works fine – so I’m skeptical that I have a router problem.

When you’re away from your home network, it’s always dangerous using someone else’s wireless network – especially if it’s not secured. One way around this is to use a VPN – Virtual Private Network. One VPN I recently heard about is ProXPN.

It creates a secure network wherever you are so that you can do all your internet business and still be safe where ever you are.

If you are just using a computer/laptop, they do have a Free version, but if you want to use it on an iPhone or Android device you have to pay for it. Unfortunately it’s not on itunes or in the Google Play store right now. You have to set it up manually.

If you use the code sn20 you can save an extra 20%.

AGGRAVATION – I emailed their Contact email address and both emails were sent back. Apparently you have to register as a customer before they will even talk to you.

I called them and left a message – they did get back with me the same day.

I did signup with them, but have now requested a refund. If it doesn’t work, what’s the point?


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