iTouch vs Samsung Galaxy Rush


I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy Rush (GR) for around $80 plus tax – Radio Shack on Sale. I’ve already got a phone so I was just looking for an inexpensive media device that I could use in the garden and while waiting in the doctors office.  Note – they also gave me a $10 coupon – effective price $70.

I got this idea from @iyaz who bought it to put on games for his kids.

I thought it might also be nice to compare the GR against my iPod Touch.(iTouch) – Version 3 I think.

  • It comes with 1.8 gb free to add apps and movies, but I bought a 16 gb microSD card for around $11 to get more space. I put all my podcasts and videos on the card.
  • Although I don’t want to “Activate” the phone, every once in a while it keeps trying to do this and I’d like a way to turn it off.
  • It  appears that I could make Emergency Calls with this device if needed.
  • Battery – standard micro-usb rechargeable and replaceable. Nice!
  • Camera – two very basic – but it does have a flash. You can switch from the front to the rear facing camera. It has a dedicated camera button on the side to quickly take pictures. See the picture below for results – it’s only a 3 megapixel picture -but still ok for such an inexpensive device.
  • Connecting to the computer – the first time you do this, it takes a number of minutes to install the drivers. After that, it’s very quick to plug it in and drag and drop files. This capability is one reason I prefer this device over the iTouch. You have to use iTunes to move files with the iTouch.
  • Flashlight – much brighter than the iTouch since it has the flash capability.
  • GPS – it does have this capability also.
  • Keyboard – it’s better than my standard Nexus 7. Has number and letters together.
  • Size – approximately the same screen size as my iTouch although a bit thicker.
  • Skype – this device does have front and rear facing cameras. I’ve installed Skype and tested it out. It works great – the picture is fine.
  • Sound – fairly loud for its size although I’ll usually be connecting this to my Jambox or ear phones.
  • Video – I just watched Netflix and the quality is fine.
  • I prefer using a stylus especially since this device is a bit small.
  • Here’s a link for the User Guide.
  • Apps seem to install easily. I usually choose them on the computer and have them automatically downloaded to my device.


Summary – WOW! I’m impressed and so far can’t find anything negative to say. for $80 it’s a steal and then they give you a $10 coupon!

Below is a size comparison between my older iTouch and the GR.



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