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Delete Files from Sony Alpha Cameras

I recently had the experience of not being able to delete files via Windows Explorer when I was connecting my Sony SLT-A65 camera. This has never happened in the past and was quite a mystery. I could take the SD … Continue reading

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Dell Computers – $632 or $429?

I had a friend forward to me a quote for a Dell computer for $632. It seemed a bit high so I went to and checked on the price there. The price was $429, plus it had 6 gb … Continue reading

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Gmail – Sign-Out Automatically

One of the features of Gmail I don’t like for security reasons is that every time I open Chrome, it automatically takes me to my Gmail account. Obviously if I lose my computer, a bad guy would only have to … Continue reading

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GPodder – Alternative to iTunes for Podcasts

                          I like to listen to Podcasts outside while I garden. I have used iTunes in the past to download podcasts, but I was looking for an easier … Continue reading

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How to Improve WiFi – Horizontal and Vertical

I’ve been wanting to improve my wifi performance for my Dir-655 router and so I’ve done a few tests which might be beneficial to you. Windsurfer – I made two windsurfers that were supposed to improve router performance, but did … Continue reading

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