GPodder – Alternative to iTunes for Podcasts















I like to listen to Podcasts outside while I garden. I have used iTunes in the past to download podcasts, but I was looking for an easier solution. is a free program I am using now and it seems to work fairly well.

During install you also have to download a couple other helper programs, but that only takes a couple of extra minutes.

GPodder does come with an assortment of podcasts you can already choose from and it turned out that all of my favorites were already listed. You just choose the podcasts you want and then select the episodes you want to listen to. Then just attach your device to the computer and transfer the shows.


One thing I don’t like is that the files which are downloaded are given cryptic names as you can see on the left. I’d like to see the title in the file name.





I did find a solution in the “Podcasts-Preferences-Extensions” area.
Rename episodes after download.

They do have a manual  you can find it HERE.

Overall I’m very happy with this easy solution for my audio podcasts.




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