Chromecast – What is it Good For?


For $35 I couldn’t refuse the Chromecast offer. Now that I’ve finally got one, what am I going to use it for?

  • YouTube – this seems to be my best option. While I have a YouTube app on my TV it’s not particularly easy to use. I like using my Nexus 7 to find a YouTube video and then Cast it to my TV. I’ve also found that I can show a YouTube video from my laptop.
  • Training – it will show my Chrome browser tabs onscreen. If you do need to show an audience what you are doing online, this is a good way to do it.
  • Netflix – this does work, but I’ve already got two other ways to watch Netflix on my TV – why do I need a third?
  • Show Entire Desktop – while there is a Beta of this feature and I got it to work, there was a noticeable 2 second delay in showing a Power Point slide show. You could use this, but an HDMI cable would do much better.
  • MP4 Video – didn’t work. While this is supposed to work via dragging the video to a Chrome tab, they never worked. For some reason it works on my desktop, but not my laptop.
  • Google Play Movies and Music – I never buy any video or music from Google, so this option is useless.

Vacations – when you go on vacation, this device might make some sense. Usually wherever you go they have a TV and with the small Chromecast you could plugin, tap into their internet and get Netflix and YouTube videos.

It’s too bad this device doesn’t have an Ethernet port – everything has to be done by a wireless connection. Even though I have a fast connection usually, it only shows 3 of 4 bars.

I also noticed that Chromecast did an auto update with a couple hours of setting it up.

The last 2 days I have used Chromecast three times – once to show Facebook pictures, once to watch a Khan Academy video and the 3rd time to show a CBS show  that was not recorded correctly on my Tivo. The CBS video was a bit choppy, but it was watchable. Hopefully it will get better in the future.

I’m looking forward to when there are more apps that support Chromecast. Right now you have got very few options, but it is promising.



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