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There’s a new service that our library has subscribed to call Zinio. It allows you to select and have access to multiple magazines at one time. You do need internet access to view them on the desktop, but not tablets apparently. Here’s how to do it.

First go the link below.


Then click on the Create New Account Link at the top.

Follow the prompts and create a new account with RBDelivery.

After you create an account you will then be able to choose magazines to read. I have not found any limit or restrictions yet.

When you choose a magazine it will take you to Zinio, where again you will need to create another account with them. Watch out for the Optout button if you don’t want lots of email from them.

At that point you can go back and forth between tabs – RBDelivery to choose your magazines and the Zinio site will show you the magazines.

I did have trouble at times selecting magazines and would get an error message – hit the refresh button on your browser – it seems to fix it.

Here are the magazines I have available to me. You must have an internet connection to read the magazines – there doesn’t seem to be any download function.


This works fairly well on my big desktop with the monitor. You can also try it on your iphone and android device.

I tried this on my Nexus 7 and it’s actually a better experience. It would be better with a larger tablet, but it’s not bad. On the Nexus 7, I noticed two things, the magazines download automatically which is nice, but they also downloaded magazines which I didn’t order. This may just be a form of advertising. You can go into the settings on the desktop and delete those magazines you don’t want. Zinio also tries to get you to buy other magazines and newspapers so be careful what you click on.


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