Importing Contacts into Gmail

What ought to be a fairly easy process has taken a over an hour to find out the solution. The problem I was having was that most of the information that I had in my CSV file was going to my Notes area and not into the Contact database. Here’s my solution.

  • First create one new record in your Gmail Contact list. Fill-in every conceivable slot that you can think of. You only have to do one. I used an actual contact that I wanted to import.
  • Next Export the Contact List to a CSV file and download to your computer.
  • When you open this file up you will see ALL the Names and Fields that Gmail wants to see when it imports your CSV file.
  • Now cut and paste from your old CSV file into this new CSV file with the correct names.
  • When you’re done, save the file.
  • Now Import that file back into Gmail Contacts.
  • Finally, all your contacts are in your Gmail Contact list correctly.

Here are a list of fields that Gmail wants.



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