Making Free Phone Calls with Google Hangouts

I had just called a company and was put on an extended hold, so rather than wait the 30 or 40 minutes and waste my phone minutes, I decided to see what was new for making computer phone calls. I have done this in the past, but it wasn’t a very good signal and I wasn’t happy. Here are steps I followed.

1. Plug in my USB Plantronics headset. I have the 655 model, but find it uncomfortable to wear. I’m looking for a different type.

2. I added the Google Hangouts extension to Chrome

3. Download the Google Voice and Video Setup file. This is part of Google Hangouts. After installing the program, it seemed like a fairly easy process to enter the phone number you wanted to dial. The problem was though it didn’t work.

4. The solution was to type this into a new Chrom tab. – about:plugins

This gave me the screen below except that Google Talk was not “Always Allowed.”

I clicked on this box and tried everything again – Success!

I probably won’t use this every day, but for calls where I know I’ll be on the phone for extended periods of time, this would be a cheap solution.



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