How to use VLC to Download YouTube Videos

1. Go to YouTube and copy the desired URL from the video your want to copy. Ctrl-C.

2. Open VLC Player, and go to Media – Open Network Stream. (Update VLC to make sure you have the latest version.)


3. Under the Network tab, paste in the the URL and click on the Play button at the bottom.


4. When the codec box opens up, click your mouse and on the Location box and do a Ctrl A – to select the entire link and then a Ctrl-C to copy it. OR – try Tools – Media Information – Location. 

5. Now open a NEW tab in your browser and paste – Ctrl-V- that link into the browser. then click the Enter button.

6. When the video starts to play, right click on it and choose – File – Save As. You will need to give it a new name with an .mp4 extension.

The process is not that hard, but takes the six steps shown above.


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2 Responses to How to use VLC to Download YouTube Videos

  1. Lamont Briggs says:

    Has VLC been able to download videos before this, or is it new? I’ve been using the torch browser, but always like to have a back up method. Didn’t know VLC could be used this way.

  2. Tom Terrific says:

    I’m not sure about VLC past capabilities – I like this method even though it takes a few more extra steps and I trust VLC.

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