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VLC – Saving Parts of Movies

While VLC can’t do full Video Editing, it can take out parts of movie clips and save them as individual files. For many instances this may be all we need to do. Here’s how to do it. First from the … Continue reading

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IDIOT Award –

I’m continually amazed that banks and other commercial institutions think that it’s OK to send out email which has links that they want their customer to click on. While their customer may get away with clicking on the banks link, … Continue reading

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$129 Tablet Review – Asus HD7

I recently bought the Asus HD7 tablet for my wife and I am very impressed – especially for only $129 from Amazon. It’s basically the same or better than my older Nexus 7. Advantages of the Asus are: Rear view … Continue reading

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Google Docs – Pasting Tables

As I am moving most of my documents over to Google docs, I was having trouble moving some of the tables.  I would do a copy and paste and the data seemed to move, but not the table lines. Here’s … Continue reading

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Google Forms and Survey

I just found out about a new service that Google Drive offers. Instead of creating just a document or presentation, you can also create a form or survey. It’s easy to do, easy to share and easy to see the … Continue reading

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Passwords Not to Use

Lately has had their passwords hacked and this article shows us the top 100 passwords. PLEASE don’t use these passwords. I recommend using LastPass and have it generate a new 16 character random password for every site you visit. … Continue reading

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Free Microsoft Software for Non-Profits

If you belong to a not for profit organization, Microsoft has some free software they are giving away. The have both Windows 8.1 and Office 365 available. There are some restrictions as to what nonprofits can benefit from this, but … Continue reading

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