Samsung TV with DVD and VHS

To Watch a DVD/VHS

First follow the “To Watch TV” Instructions below, but choose HDMI 1.

1. Turn on the Power for the DVD/VHS player.

2. Press the Green DVD button.

3. Press the Open/Close button. When the DVD player opens, put in your DVD and give it a nudge to close or you can also just click on the Open/Close button again.

4. Press the Play button to play the DVD.

The only difference for a VHS tape is that on instruction #2 – you would press the Orange VHS button right next to the Green button.




To Watch TV 

Use the Samsung Remote (TV)

  1. Press the Red Power button to turn on the TV.

  2. Press the Source button – this will show choices of HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 on the TV screen

  3. With the up and down grey keys choose HDMI 2

  4. Hit the center grey key to select HDMI 2.

Now use your Cable Remote to change your channel.



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