Google Forms and Survey

I just found out about a new service that Google Drive offers. Instead of creating just a document or presentation, you can also create a form or survey. It’s easy to do, easy to share and easy to see the results. There is a video below on the process.


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2 Responses to Google Forms and Survey

  1. edward says:

    Hi, i am trying to use google docs forms to take a petition, because my state (missouri) has a regulation that bills can only be put on a ballot by petition if people from across the state have participated (to keep people from one big city not in a county from dominating the state) I have to find people in each county, I would love to be able to display this on a map , perhaps with a number over each county,
    Here’s the thing: I am just about computer illiterate, looking at code makes me go all cross eyed and dizzy and even editing code (which I have accomplished with a lot of hand holding) is a pain, but sounds like the sort of thing someone else might have done already and there might even be a way to do it built in to either docs, or maps already . Any suggestions ?

  2. Tom Terrific says:

    If you’re trying to make a document with a picture in it, I’d just use Google Docs – not Forms.
    In docs you can add an image and text and a table.
    You can then just share the document with people in different counties.
    Here’s a nice graphic I found of Missouri counties.

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