VLC – Saving Parts of Movies

While VLC can’t do full Video Editing, it can take out parts of movie clips and save them as individual files. For many instances this may be all we need to do. Here’s how to do it.

First from the View Menu choose Advanced.

This gives you the Menu below. The trick now it move the cursor to the part of the movie that you want to record.


Click on the red Record button (notice that it turns blue).

Click on the Play button and when you get to the end of the area you want, you can click on the Red Record button again.

VLC will not save a copy of that movie area into your My Videos area. I haven’t found a way to change this.

I did a few tests and found these results.

  • MP4 files are saved as MP4 files
  • MOV files are saves as MP4files
  • FLV files are saved as eith MP4 or AVI files – I’m not sure why I had these two different outcomes.

I did have trouble saving clips which I had turned 180 degrees-they were all messed up.



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