Sanboxie – sandbox your web browser


I’m using a program which “Sandboxes” your applications.

Note that there is a FREE version of the program without all the bells and whistles. The free version is OK if all you want to do is surf the web securely.

The nice thing about the program is that if you do go to a malicious site and it tries to install any sort of virus or malware, when you are done with your browser, everything is deleted – including the malware.

I’ve run into a couple of problems and have come up with solutions.

1. I also run LastPass as an extension on Chrome and for some reason LastPass stopped working correctly. My solution was to delete LastPass from the Chrome extension, reboot, and then re-install the LastPass extension. Everything is now working correctly.

2. Sandboxie might cause a problem when you want to download a file. Sometimes when you exit Sandboxie the file is not recovered because it was in the sandbox and was deleted. Here’s a solution.
Open up the Sandboxie program at go to Sandbox Settings.


 Sanboxie does crash my browser now and then, but for the protection it provides, it’s worth the aggravation.

 Here’s a link to a lengthy discussion of Sandboxie by Steve Gibson on the Security Now podcast.








From the Quick Recovery Label, add the folders where you would commonly download files. The problems I’ve had in the past is that Sandboxie doesn’t allow Recovery of every file you download, only the files in the folders you list.



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