LastPass – Firefox vs Chrome – Secure Notes

Lately I’ve had a few problems with using a feature of LastPass called Secure Notes. The way I use it is to create a “Secure Note” for my drivers license or any other sensitive document by attaching the jpg file. Theoretically, then you can download the file wherever you are if you happen to need that file.

The problem seems to be with the latest version of Chrome – I can’t upload attachments and it doesn’t show the files I have already setup.

Luckily  I can use Firefox and the attachment shows up fine under the Secure Notes. I’ve got a picture below of the two screens I get depending on the browser I am using. I have a support ticket into LastPass to see what the problem is.

I did a lot of checking online without much help. There are some people out there that are running this version of Chrome and Lastpass without any problems.
What I guessed was that there was a particular Chrome Setting that might have been messing things up. I changed:
Plugins – run Automatically
Turned off – Block 3rd party cookies and site data.

Enable phishing and malware protection – turned off
Under Privacy – Clear Browsing Data – I did “Delete Cookies” and “Empty Cache” – and I’m wondering if that in any way might have helped?

I think that once my Chrome Settings were changed on one computer – when I reopened the other computers, the changes were carried over.

Now things are working and I wish I could give a more definitive answer but maybe this might help someone else in the future.


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