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How to Test Ethernet Cat5 Cables

I have had some questions about some of my Ethernet cables that I use and instead of just pitching them I decided to buy a tester to actually see if the cables were good or not. The tester I bought on Amazon was … Continue reading

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Linksys Router – E2500

  Note – I really liked this router, but now after 3 months it won’t even turn on. After a bit of testing, it turns out that the power adapter is now bad. Linksys wants me to pay to ship … Continue reading

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Wired Router Backup

You should know by now that at some point your router will die, you’ll lose your internet access and you’ll be scrambling to figure out what’s going on and what next to buy. Since you don’t have an internet connection, … Continue reading

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Grandparents Beware of Spending on Grandkids Apps

If you’re a doting grandparent, it’s probably pretty likely that you have given your grand-kids your smart phone or tablet to play with. The problem starts when they come to you and ask for you to spend 99 cents on … Continue reading

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Which Hard Drives to Buy?

Backblaze has shared reliability reports from the thousands of hard drives that it uses and it’s results are #1 Hitachi, #2 Western Digital and #3 Seagate. As you can see from the prices on Amazon, Hitachi prices are almost 50% … Continue reading

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Bitly Shortcuts – How To

If you ever want to send a web link/URL to a friend, many times they are very very long and wrap around in your email. A way around this problem is to create a shortcut to that specific link. … Continue reading

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DVR for Cable Cutters

Option #2 – DVR+ Here’s a review by Robert Heron on this newer DVR. While it has a few caveats on Amazon reviews, it sounds like it might work.  Note – it’s on sale on Monday for $175. Here’s … Continue reading

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