DVR for Cable Cutters

Option #2 – DVR+

Here’s a review by Robert Heron on this newer DVR. While it has a few caveats on Amazon reviews, it sounds like it might work.  Note – it’s on sale on Monday for $175.

Here’s the review>


BELOW – Important Note –  I recently bought this from Amazon, but had to return it. Everything worked except for the USB drive. I may wait a couple of weeks and try again. If you do buy it, keep all the boxes and test it out thoroughly.


I just learned of a very interesting product that costs $46 on Amazon. It’s a small box which has a TV tuner which you can not only receive OTA TV, but then allows you to record the shows to an external hard drive.

homeworxIt’s called a “HomeWorx ( now Mediasonic) HW-150PVR ATSC Digital Converter Box w/ Media Player Function.”

It got a very good review from Robert Heron of Tekzilla . His report is below in the Youtube video. Move the time to approximately 4.5 minutes.


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