Linksys Router – E2500



Note – I really liked this router, but now after 3 months it won’t even turn on. After a bit of testing, it turns out that the power adapter is now bad. Linksys wants me to pay to ship the entire router back with adapter and they will ship me another one back. Seems like a waste of postage for a $10 part, plus probably a 2 week wait. I ended up buy a new adapter for $10 with free postage. I now notice that Amazon sells the same adapter for $5. I also didn’t appreciate that Linksys indicated they were doing me a favor even though the part was covered under warranty. I wish they did business like Amazon.

I was having trouble with my TPLink router and decided to send it back and get the Linksys E2500. This is not the fastest or best router in its class according to, but it was one in stock at BestBuy and was only $5 more that the Amazon price.

Here are a few notes on its installation.

  • Install using the installation CD – there are no paper directions.
  • Follow the CD directions as they are presented
  • It’s interesting that the lights are on the back of the router.
  • They skip a step – you need to connect your computer to the router.
  • I’m getting error messages – “this computer does not appear to be connected to your router” 
  • After three attempts if finally lets me through.
  • It automatically gives you a router name SSID and Password, but you can change those which I did.
  • They don’t want you to confirm the password – so be careful.
  • The password is the same for the router login and the wireless network.
  • I did not have internet connection after following the instructions, so per their instructions,  I had to unplug the modem and wait 2 minutes – reconnect the modem. If you still can’t connect – click on the “Open advanced settings” button.”
  • I did connect after turning off the modem.
  • They then take you into an advanced page where you can do the following
  • Allow guest access – you can’t change the name of the Guest network, but you can change the password.
  • It also has some basic Parental control which I did not look into.
  • You can also go into router settings and make some changes.
  •  I turned off WPS
  • I turned off UPnP
  • I used android – Wifi analyzer app to find open Channels – I changed the channel to channel 5 – no other signals in that band.
  • The ip address of the router is
  • Router username is admin and the password is the same password you had for your wireless setup. 

All in all – a fairly easy process. It’s a lot easier obviously if you have a computer with a CD/DVD drive. That’s becoming a luxury these days. I do like having a “guest” network to keep myself a bit more secure.

Here’s a review of the router from

I have currently had no problems with the router, and will report back in a couple weeks.

Note #1 – I noticed that my “Guest” Network is showing as “Unsecured,” but in actuality for anyone to use the internet, when they start a browser it will give them a popup which asks them for the password. This is similar to what you might find in a hotel.


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