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How to Darken a PDF in Photoshop

I recently had to scan a multi-page document into a PDF format. The result was ok, but was a bit light. It took a bit of research and looking, but I finally figured out how to darken the PDF document … Continue reading

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Netflix Speed Test

There is a Netflix movie that allows you to see your Netflix speed.It’s called Example Short 23.976 – how it does this, I have no idea, but it seems to work most of the time. First off though make sure … Continue reading

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Camera Basics 101

Here are a few basic tips to start taking better pictures.

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Which Password is Better?

Ay5xhQxV!D or hfybnzfylawcxfyj Steve Gibson was talking in the latest Security Now episode – #442 about his latest project and how he was trying to get around the problem of entering secure passwords on phones and tablets which have very small … Continue reading

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Wiping Your Phone Before Turning It In

Many phone companies have promotions that allow you to trade-in your old smart phone and give you credit on a new smart phone. The problem is that you don’t want anyone else to have access to have ALL your personal data … Continue reading

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WDTV Play Review

With my Roku model 2100x starting to give me problems I thought I might try a different device and save some money in the process. At $40 the WDTV Play was an easy choice. Here are some of my observations … Continue reading

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