Netflix Speed Test

There is a Netflix movie that allows you to see your Netflix speed.It’s called Example Short 23.976 – how it does this, I have no idea, but it seems to work most of the time.


First off though make sure you have your Netflix playback speed set to High.








1. Above is a test for watching Netflix in my Chrome browser under Silverlight. It starts out slow, and then maxes out at 1280×720 – 3000kbps.


2.  I then tried Netflix on my Tivo over Ethernet and it gave me much higher bandwidth of 5800 kbps and a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

3. My third test was on my Samsung TV app. I got a very clear picture, but the speed never showed up – not sure why.

4. My final test was on the Roku on my wireless network. It also gave be 5800kbps and 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Hopefully, this test will help you diagnose your Netflix speeds.

Thanks again to Patrick and Robert of HD Nation for this tip.


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2 Responses to Netflix Speed Test

  1. mralexhay says:

    Netflix creates multiple versions of each programme at different resolutions (frame size and bitrate). When you connect it identifies how fast our connection is and serves you the best quality transcode that will play without buffering.

    This test video simply has the resolution of each of the transcodes burnt into the file so that you can see which resolution netflix has determined is the best possible size and resolution for your bandwidth and device.

  2. Tom Terrific says:

    What I see is the resolution changing over time until it reaches a maximum. On my TV it didn’t show any resolution at all.

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