How to Darken a PDF in Photoshop

I recently had to scan a multi-page document into a PDF format. The result was ok, but was a bit light. It took a bit of research and looking, but I finally figured out how to darken the PDF document using Photoshop.

Here are the steps.

  • Open the document with Photoshop.
  • Select All pages – OK.
  • Each page will open up as an individual file.
  • Make your adjustment to each file as you see fit. Depending on how many pages you are talking about you could use Actions and a Keyboard combination to make it quicker.
  • Do not save any of your changes.
  • When you are done making all the adjustments to all the pages –
  • Choose –
  • File- Automate – PDF Presentation
  • Click on Add Open Files
  • Choose Multi-page Document
  • Save – give your file a new name.
  • Bad News – for some reason in CS6 the pages come out in reverse order.
  • Open up the new file AGAIN in Photoshop and go through the same process
  • File – Automate – PDF Presentation etc.
  • It will once again reverse your pages and you will be done.



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